Pushpinder Bains, D.D.S., M.Sc

Born in Edmonton, Dr. Bains has been providing dental care for over 10 years in West Edmonton at Lewis Estates Dental Centre. Dr. Bains believes that clear, open communication is one of the most essential aspects of dentistry - "After all, if the doctor can't communicate well, patients won't be happy with the care they have received." 

She also appreciates the opportunity to provide dental care to her patients. "With increasing evidence linking heart disease and other disorders to dental health, I am given an opportunity to increase the overall health of my patients through dental care," she says. "With dental surgery I am often able to give patients something they never had before. Watching them gain confidence as a result of a smile enhancing dental procedures is a source of great professional and personal satisfaction for me". An admitted technophile, she says "I enjoy the precision that technology allows, whether it is a laser to perform fillings or digital X-rays that show me the 3-D structure of the tooth in exquisite detail."

Dr. Bains received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Alberta. Her impressive academic background also includes a Masters of Science degree in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, also from the University of Alberta.

She distinguished herself in both fields. She was a Natural Science and Engineering Research Scholar for two consecutive years. Additionally, she was invited to lecture on head and neck disease to the Canadian Association of Pathologists and was invited to attend a symposium of the National Institute of Health in Maryland, USA. 

Dr. Bains is the founder of Lewis Estates Dental Centre, for Family, Cosmetic, and Children's Dentistry. A mother of two children, she ensured that Lewis Estates Dental Centre was designed for the utmost in patient comfort and safety. In recent years, Dr. Bains has found her greatest joys in her family-her husband, their two children and their dog. Spending time with her children and watching them develop into responsible individuals is a source of tremendous happiness and personal satisfaction.